MPASECO Administrator abilities:

helpalluse /admin helpallXXX
setpwduse /admin setpwdXX 
setspecpwduse /admin setspecpwdXX 
setrefpwduse /admin setrefpwdXX 
nextmapuse /admin nextmapXXX
nextuse /admin nextXXX
skipmapuse /admin skipmapXXX
skipuse /admin skipXXX
previoususe /admin previousXXX
prevuse /admin prevXXX
restartmapuse /admin restartmapXXX
resuse /admin resXXX
replaymapuse /admin replaymapXXX
replayuse /admin replayXXX
dropjukeboxuse /admin dropjukeboxXXX
djbuse /admin djbXXX
clearjukeboxuse /admin clearjukeboxXXX
clearhistuse /admin clearhistXX 
cjbuse /admin cjbXXX
adduse /admin addXX 
addthisuse /admin addthisXX 
addlocaluse /admin addlocalXX 
warnuse /admin warnXXX
kickuse /admin kickXXX
kickghostuse /admin kickghostXXX
banuse /admin banXX 
unbanuse /admin unbanXX 
blackuse /admin blackXX 
unblackuse /admin unblackXX 
addguestuse /admin addguestXXX
removeguestuse /admin removeguestXXX
passuse /admin passXXX
canceluse /admin cancelXXX
canuse /admin canXXX
playersuse /admin playersXXX
showbanlistuse /admin showbanlistXXX
listbansuse /admin listbansXXX
showguestlistuse /admin showguestlistXXX
listguestsuse /admin listguestsXXX
writeblacklistuse /admin writeblacklistXX 
readblacklistuse /admin readblacklistXX 
writeguestlistuse /admin writeguestlistXX 
readguestlistuse /admin readguestlistXX 
writemaplistuse /admin writemaplistXX 
readmaplistuse /admin readmaplistXX 
shuffleuse /admin shuffleXX 
shufflemapsuse /admin shufflemapsXX 
listdupesuse /admin listdupesXX 
removeuse /admin removeXX 
eraseuse /admin eraseXX 
removethisuse /admin removethisXX 
erasethisuse /admin erasethisXX 
muteuse /admin muteXXX
ignoreuse /admin ignoreXXX
unmuteuse /admin unmuteXXX
unignoreuse /admin unignoreXXX
mutelistuse /admin mutelistXXX
ignorelistuse /admin ignorelistXXX
listmutesuse /admin listmutesXXX
listignoresuse /admin listignoresXXX
addadminuse /admin addadminX  
removeadminuse /admin removeadminX  
addopuse /admin addopXX 
removeopuse /admin removeopXX 
listmastersuse /admin listmastersXXX
listadminsuse /admin listadminsXXX
listopsuse /admin listopsXXX
walluse /admin wallXXX
mtause /admin mtaXXX
matchuse /admin matchXX 
forceshowoppuse /admin forceshowoppXX 
scorepaneluse /admin scorepanelXXX
forceteamuse /admin forceteamXXX
forcespecuse /admin forcespecXXX
specfreeuse /admin specfreeXXX
paneluse /admin panelXXX
styleuse /admin styleX  
planetsuse /admin planetsXX 
relaysuse /admin relaysXXX
serveruse /admin serverXX 
pmuse /admin pmXX 
pmloguse /admin pmlogXX 
uptodateuse /admin uptodateXX 
scriptuse /admin setscriptXX 
scriptnameuse /admin setscriptnameXX 
chat_pmause /pma to send a PM to player & adminsXX 
chat_bestworst/best & /worst accept login/Player_IDXX 
chat_statsip/stats includes IP addressXX 
chat_summary/summary accepts login/Player_IDXX 
chat_jukeboxuse /jukebox even if $feature_jukebox is falseXX 
chat_jb_multi/jukebox adds more than one mapXX 
chat_jb_recent/jukebox adds recently played mapXX 
chat_add_mrefuse /add mapref to write MX mapref fileX  
chat_matchuse /match to allow match controlX  
chat_tc_listen/tc will copy team chat to adminsX  
chat_jfreuuse all /jfreu commandsXX 
chat_musicadminuse /music admin commandsXX 
noidlekick_playno idlekick when admin is playerX  
noidlekick_specno idlekick when admin is spectatorXXX
server_planetsview planets amount in /serverXX 

modified for MPAseco.

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