MPAseco v0.65 Release

2013-02-24 18:54:22 by kremsy

Hello Ladies and Gentleman,

After a long time of waiting, a new version of MPAseco finally comes out, it is one of the biggest MPAseco updates ever. This version now includes full records support (atm only with Obstacle and TimeTrial Script), a new scriptsettings adminpanel, teamforce buttons in the players adminmenu and a hideable scoreboard which is only working on SMStorm and only with the old scoreboard (we tried everything to make it work with the new scoreboard but it's not possible due some nadeo faults), in the other modes the widgets are now in front of the scoreboard, so you can click everything.

Here you can download the alpha release v0.65 of MPAseco

Please if you find any bugs or have any requests post it into the 0.65 bugs thread!

New installation of v0.65:

Now the Installation can be mainly done in three Steps:
open configs/config.xml and enter the SuperAdmin Password and the XML Port.

open configs/localdatabase.xml and enter the mysql connection information’s.

copy update/Scripts into your UserData Directory.

If you using a records Mode like Obstacle or TimeTrial go to configs/core/records.xml and activate the record system.

Upgrading from the versions 0.5x:
First copy update/Scripts into your UserData Directory.
Copy all files from the update/update_v05x-065 (except updated_configs folder) in your MPAseco Directory!

It's not needed to update all configs from the updated_configs directory!
The only file you need to update from the updated_configs folder is the configs/core/adminops.xml file.

Please insert into plugins.xml the line: <plugin>plugin.admin_scriptsettings.php</plugin>.

Changes compared to the MPAseco v0.5x:

  1. full records support
  2. new scriptsettings admin panel
  3. Teamforce option in players admin panel
  4. hideable scoreboard
  5. widgets in front of the scoreboard
  6. Updated Scripts Battle / Realms / Siege
  7. Nation fix (Europe)
  8. in the players widget the zone of a player is now displayed
  9. included Royal Linearmode (automatically changing Pointlimit for Royal)
  10. implemented Plugin class in
  11. severall linking fixes
  12. uncountable bug fixes
  13. ...

Notice: Due a Nadeo bug in the new admin scriptsettings Panel only the first 10 entries are working, I think nadeo fix that in their next serverupdate.

I hope you will have fun with new MPAseco.

You can download now a updated version of the Fufi Menu and the Fufi Widgets in the Plugins section.

See you at the servers,

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