v0.50 Release

2012-10-04 11:10:17 by kremsy

Today I released a bigger update on MPAseco than the last ones, escially the folder structure have been changed a little bit to improve the first installation and the configuration drastically, but it means also that the Update to this version is not that easy than the last ones.

The next new feature in this version: Now you can instantly switch with the command /admin next to a map of your choice. You need first to type /list and then for example /admin next 002. An graphical interface for this impromevment will come in one of the next versions.

Another new feature: Now it is possible to give MPAseco one or two more optional startparameters.
The first Parameter is the name of the config.xml file and the second the name of the localdatabase.xml.
Possible values:
php ./mpaseco.php SM (Standart version)
php ./mpaseco.php SM configXY.xml (Custom config.xml filename)
php ./mpaseco.php SM configXY localdatabaseXY (Custom config.xml filename and custom localdatabase.xml name)
This can be used for loading different Servers with same MPAseco files (most times not usefull).

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