Greeting Dude

This Plugin say automatic hello to each Player who connect to your Server, the Messages that are send to the Player are fully customizable and are randomly rotated.

without formatting and colors here
  1. [Greeting Dude] Hi νѕя|υηפєғ, let's start the ride!
  2. [Greeting Dude] Hello νѕя|υηפєғ, nice to see you!
  3. [Greeting Dude] Hey νѕя|υηפєғ, please be welcome!
  4. [Greeting Dude] Yo νѕя|υηפєғ, we're pleased to see you here!
  5. [Greeting Dude] Woohoo νѕя|υηפєғ is joining!!
  6. [Greeting Dude] νѕя|υηפєғ is here too, yeah!
  7. [Greeting Dude] Hiho νѕя|υηפєғ, have fun with us!

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